Padlocks have a long history and have evolved from simple locking devices into what they are today. If you are like me then you find padlocks fascinating. With their intricate moving parts, unique design features and every different kind or use imaginable, padlocks are a fun item to collect.

As a young child I began collecting padlocks not solely because of my fascination with the interworking of the padlocks, but because they are very affordable to collect. Sure, there are coin collections, wrist watch collections and even baseball card collections, but padlocks offer much more intrigue especially when it comes to the antique padlocks.

When you want a unique hobby that offers more diversity than other hobbies consider collecting padlocks!

This quick guide to padlocks covers the most basic padlocks commonly found in a person’s padlock collection. If you want to add to this list of common padlocks please send us an email and we will happily add to it.

  1. padlocksSmokehouse padlock: The smokehouse padlock was designed in England back around the middle of the 18th century. They were simple in design and utilized a screw type mechanism to unlock the padlock. They were used for nearly 100 years before discontinued.
  2. Scandinavian padlock: The Scandinavian lock (also known as the Polhem lock) was the alternative to the Smokehouse lock. Made of Swedish design these locks featured a more robust cast iron design. The Scandinavian lock was manufactured all the way up to the mid 1950’s, a favorite of padlock collectors.
  3. Laminated padlock: The laminated padlock is one of the most secure types of padlocks found all over the modern world. Made popular by the world famous MasterLock company this type of lock uses multiple laminated plies and hardened steel. The laminated padlock has proven itself as the most secure type of padlock.
  4. Combination padlock: Last but not least is the combination padlock. This type of padlock is the preferred padlock used in highschool lockers. They are much more convenient because there is no need for the use of a key. Additionally, they have proven themselves as extremely secure and easy to use.

As the old saying goes; “Padlocks only keep your friends out”.

Lets face it, padlocks have limited security because all padlocks can be cut or picked by an experienced locksmith. For more security utilizing a safe or hiding the locked items from view will make them less likely to be stolen. None-the-less padlocks offer more security (than without) and intricate designs that make them fascinating to collect and showcase in your home. Just be sure to keep your padlock collection locked up so no one can take them!

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