Keyless Entry Locks #city:t#, #state2:u#Keeping your home safe can be a massive challenge in itself, because there is simply so much that you need to look out for along the way. Whilst you might think that your property is a fortress, a bastion of safety, there is always a blind spot that will be missed that can put your residence under the watchful eye of somebody looking to break in.

Stop breakin’s! Take the needed steps and have peace of mind!

Trying to get everything put in place can be a massive challenge in itself, so if you aren’t sure of where to start here are some simple precautions that you can follow to make sure that the task goes as easily as it possibly can;

  • Make sure that you at least consider installing a more secure locking system – deadbolt and keyless systems are the most popular, and can be ideal for homes. In many cases, the simple doorknob locking system is nowhere near secure enough and can be easy prey for a talented criminal
  • Never leave the spare keys somewhere that you might think is inconspicuous; whatever you can think of, a burglar will usually look there too! Going for basic places like the mat, under a rock, or in the shed can be absolute folly for keeping your home safe so try and create a more effective system than leaving spare keys outside
  • Take regular care of your locks and look after them – don’t let them fall into a state of disrepair as a broken lock is absolutely useless. Staying vigilant and checking them regularly can be a great way to avoid finding about their damage when it’s too late
  • Lubricating your locks can improve their efficiency and their lifespan – using graphite spray, you can insure that the lock will continue to operate in the right manner every time that you use it
  • Home alarm systems can be an expensive addition to the home, but are very much worth it – they are an extra layer of security for a strong locking system, and can be the solution that you need if you are dealing with a lock picking expert
  • Do your windows have secure and stable locks? If so, make sure that you use them all the time. Leaving the windows open overnight or while you pop out to the store might seem harmless, but can compromise your homes security drastically
  • Leave some kind of clock radio on whilst you are out of the house – they use an absolutely minimal amount of energy, and gives any potential thieves the impression that somebody is inside of the home. This little gimmick leaves only the mast arrogant and ambitious of criminals willing to try

As you can see, home security can be made simple with vigilance!

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