Have you ever made the mistake of hiring the wrong service technician because you were in a rush? Perhaps you have lost money on shotty craftsmanship by a service company? If so then you know how important that it is to spot a bad locksmith before you hire one.

From the wrong parts installed, wrong tools used, to unnecessary destruction to your homes locks, an under-qualified locksmith can cost you money.

Locksmith in El Paso TexasMost times a lock does not need to be completely replaced. Whether it is picking the lock to open the door or by simply rekeying the lock the locksmith does not have to always replace the lock. While there are several advantages of replacing a lock outright, outright replacing locks can get expensive and is not always needed to get the door secured. Many lazy and unscrupulous locksmiths will unnecessarily replace locks for the money gained from the parts installed and services charges. Don’t let this happen to you!

Locksmith tips: Top 5 ways to spot a bad locksmith:

Their phone manners are sub-par:

When calling the locksmith do their phone manners meet your expectations? When asking them questions do they seem eager to help you? Do they use proper grammer and take the time to assist you? If not, then move on to the next one because when hiring a professional service nothing is more important than the service that you are considering to be professional in every aspect of their business.

Their prices are not clear:

Before they arrive at your door you want to make sure that you know approximately what it will cost for their services. Usually a $30 or so price range is acceptable for unforeseen circumstances. Upfront prices indicate that the locksmith is honest and does good business.

They have no social media pages:

If a locksmith company does not have any social media pages, or if the social media pages that they do have include a bunch of negative reviews about their business then you will want to consider hiring another locksmith business. Social media sites like Facebook or Google+ is an excellent way to learn about the business practices of the locksmith that you are considering hiring.

Their website is poorly designed or nonexistent:

A businesses website is their window to the world. Within their website you can discover more about the services that they offer, but more importantly you can see if they are professional. Look for a professionally designed website with a page dedicated to each of their services. A sloppy website is an indication that they are not professional. Remember, you are hiring a professional service because, well, you want a professional service!

They can’t deliver insurance, locksmith certifications or license info:

Always ask any service provider if they can provide you with a copy of their insurance and business license. A company that cannot provide this information is risky to do business with. Every legitimate business should be able to provide this information at the drop of a hat. Also, are ask them if they are a certified locksmith.

Don’t let yourself be a victim! Be proactive in your search for the most qualified locksmith in your area.

By taking just a few moments to research several locksmiths in your area you will be able to locate the best locksmith for your needs. A little research goes a long way in the services industry.