Car Ignition Keys #city:t#, #state2:u#Are you looking for a full list of automotive keys? Things have changed quite a lot since the 1990s, when it comes to car keys – mechanically cut car keys are no longer the only type of car keys issued by manufacturers. Next time that you are having a car lockout you will know the jargon.

New technologies such as transponder keys have emerged that offer a much higher level of security to car owners. Most of the cars that are sold today come with keys that have embedded chips and transponders in them, and are not as easy to replace as the mechanically cut keys of old.

Let’s take a quick look at the different types of automotive keys available in the market.

Mechanically Cut Car Keys – These are the most common types of car keys available in the market. They are cut mechanically and consist of ridges and cuts on one of the sides. They can be inserted into the ignition from one side only. Locksmiths find these keys easy to cut.

Laser Cut Car Key – Laser cut car keys are more precise than mechanically cut keys as lasers are used to make them. Lasers cut grooves on both sides of the key shank. These keys are not easy to duplicate. Locksmiths use a specialized machinery to cut them.

Transponder Car Key – Transponder car keys consist of a microchip inserted in the key head. The microchip prevents key frauds of any type. Transponder keys are very complex and can be cut or reprogrammed only by the most experienced automotive locksmiths, using highly specialized equipment.

Smart Car Key – Smart car keys are relatively new and they are not as popular as transponder keys. These keys can be used by the car owner from a distance. Apart from remote opening and closing of the doors, they also allow you to start the car remotely. There is an inherent risk associated with these keys as there is always a likelihood of car owners starting the car accidentally with them.

VAT Key – These keys use an advanced vehicle anti-theft system. They consist of a resistor chip that is embedded in the blade which offers them extra security. It is very difficult to duplicate this resistor chip.

Valet Car Key – Valet keys are used alongside transponder keys and smart keys. They are handed out to the valet for parking and retrieving the car. They only allow the operation of the door locks and the ignition.

Master Car Key – Master car keys are not used by car owners. They used by experienced locksmiths to cut a key or to replace a lost car key. These keys are slightly outdated today as locksmiths use other technologies to retrieve a car key.

If you have lost your automotive key, it’s much better to call a reputable locksmith than to get the car towed to the dealer. The locksmith will arrive at your location to replace the key on the spot and will charge a lot less than what a dealer does.