Keyless Entry Locks Services in El Paso, TX

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Keys are the problem! They get lost easily, can be duplicated, aren’t smart, and re-keying a lock is always costly.

Here, at Mobile Locksmith Pros El Paso, we protect your life and property more conveniently. Our keyless entry locks make entering or existing your home and office fast and safe. Using our convenient keyless lock technology, you just need to enter the code using your mobile to unlock doors.

You can even send temporary guest keys and receive alerts for code-guessing attempts.

Why You Need Smart Keyless Locks?

Problems with traditional locks: Traditional lock, which has a deadbolt and a key, may get misplaced, lost or stolen. Also, these keys require constant vigilance, which can be annoying for many of us. Top of that, intruders are now smart enough and have many tools to breach this security practice.

Thanks to technology advancement! Smart keyless entry locks just need a coded numeric password of your choice to lock and unlock your doors. Once set, the password accompanies you everywhere without the fears of losing or misplacing it.

Keyless Entry Locks Services in El Paso, TX

Keyless locks are also beneficial when everyone in your family goes in and out of the house at different times. It solves the issue of having one separate key for each member for a secure entry and exit from the home.

Calling Mobile Locksmith Pros El Paso Offer Numerous Perks

  • All our technicians have 5+ years experience
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured
  • Full installation and repair support
  • 24/7 emergency locksmith services
  • Mobile units featuring the latest tools and equipment
  • Our top brand-name locks include Kwikset Kevo, August Smart Lock, Schlage, Lockitron and many more.
  • Expert’s advice on the best option according to your needs and budget
  • Friendly and lightning-fast service
  • 30 minute or shorter response times
  • Upfront pricing

Benefits of Smart Keyless Locks

  • Easy to install

No drilling or modification of your door is required.

  • Time-Determined Scheduling

Time-determined locking and unlocking allow business owners to keep strict control over employees’ access to premises.

Homeowners can ensure their doors are locked at night without making nightly rounds.

  • Increase Security

Smart locks are pick-proof and bump-proof.

  • Luminous Keypad

Glowing keypad makes numbers visible even in the dark, which reduces mistyping. Situated near the doorknob, the lock is readily available to everyone.

  • Multiple Passkeys

Most keyless locks come with two access keys of your choice which give you flexibility in case you forget the one.

  • Remote Controlled

In case you have forgotten all access keys to your smart lock, use the remote to unlock or lock doors that come in with the package.

Types of Smart Keyless Entry Locks

Mobile-Controlled Lock

Smartphone-controlled locks are highly-secure and the most convenient keyless entry locks that make your door smart.  You can control and manage your locks with your phone or application. Depending on the model you choose, these high-tech locks may replace your entire lock system or let you place a smart device on your existing deadbolt.


Biometric locks are used in areas of high security where the high cost of equipment such as iris scanner and fingerprint scanner worth it.

Mechanical Keyless Locks

These locks are preferably used where electricity is not feasible or when multiple access codes are not required. They require passcodes to lock or unlock doors.

Electronic Keypad Locks

These locks may feature a simple button, complicated pin codes and even scanners. These are great for both residential and commercial establishments for all security purposes.

Keyless Entry Lock Installation & Repair Services

Mobile Locksmith Pros El Paso provides exceptional keyless entry lock installation and repair services for both residential and commercial community. We can install locks quickly and accurately, often on the same day, the service is requested.

We also provide quick and satisfactory keyless entry lock repair services. You’ll surely appreciate our 30 minutes or shorter response times. Our experience, training, and skills make us address all your keyless lock needs from installation and repair to lock upgrade.

Emergency keyless Entry Lock Services

Have an emergency? Have you forgotten your passcode or you get locked out of your home or office? Don’t worry. Our 24-Hour locksmiths available remotely will come to you and get you in or out in no time.

Quick FAQs

  • What is the initial secret code?

Locks come with a factory set code that you can replace with another code of your choice.

  • Can I install keyless entry locks myself?

Better call a professional to make things easy and avoid confusion.

  • Does the order of the combination matters?

No. You can enter any desired the passcode combination.

Whether you’re looking for unique style, low price or wide selection, our products meet all your expectations.

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