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CCTV Systems

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Security has become one of the most critical concerns these days. With crime rate at business premises increasing day-by-day and burglary becoming common scenario, it has become essential to protect your business. And, that’s when a security camera like CCTV comes handy. We, at Locksmith Pros, are skilled in making advanced CCTV system to safeguard your business premises from intruders.

Thanks to the plethora of benefits, CCTV is by far the best wonder of modern technology. And, we are making that wonders happen in your life to make your offices, warehouses, and commercial buildings feel safe and secure. We focus on developing advanced video surveillance solutions to monitor everything around you.

Why choose us?

“Our highly advanced and reliable security systems are what make us grab eye-balls.”

As a bonded, licensed and, insured locksmith providers, we adhere to cater customers need by providing them high-class services. We believe that CCTV is an integral part of the security system and thus are very important for everybody.

Secured CCTV Installation Service in El Paso, TX

With the total experience of more than five+ years, our team of experts is striving to make your offices a safer place. You can rely on us for professional locksmith services and other services like installing and repairing CCTVs at commercial properties, providing security systems and much more in El Paso, Texas.

Services We Offer:

  • 24/7 emergency locksmith services
  • 30 minute or less response time
  • On-call help
  • Budget-friendly deals
  • Full installation and repair services of CCTV systems
  • Mobile units equipped with latest tools and equipment

Benefits of CCTV systems:

  • To provide enhanced security
  • To keep an eye on your belongings behind your back
  • To keep an eye on intruders and burglars
  • Keep an eye on your children
  • To eradicate crime

Different types of CCTV systems:

  • Bullet type Camera:

These are designed to capture images in a specific area. They are thin and cylindrical in shape. Plus, they are small is the size and are cheaper than other CCTV cameras.

  • Infrared Cameras:

For evening lookouts, the infrared cameras are mostly preferred. They capture images with the help of IR light around the lens.

  • Dome type Cameras:

As the name suggests, they are dome shaped and are perfect for in-house installations.

  • Network camera:

These cameras allow broadcasting of image on the device through the Internet with controlled bandwidth.

  • Day/Night Camera:

For the areas which require 24/7 broadcasting, cameras like these are perfect. They adjust to various light conditions and have a full dynamic range that can work in reflection, sunlight, moonlight and in glare too.

  • Discreet CCTV:

These cameras look like a fan or any other non-suspicious thing.

  • PTZ Cameras:

These are portable cameras that are programmed as per the viewer choice. They are controllable, easy to access and offer more freedom to the person watching from the camera.

  • HD Camera:

These cameras are mostly for the places that require the high-resolution lens to capture images that show the minute detail of the pictures taken.

We offer commercial CCTV systems.

Your property is one of the most important business assets. Therefore, it is very important to safeguard it. Offering smart design, and other burglar alarm properties, our CCTV systems are bespoke. Including features like remote monitoring and automatic recording, our security systems are equipped with the latest technology like Pyronix, Honeywell Galaxy and much more.

We are best in providing commercial CCTV systems too. Using them, you can deter and catch criminals that are hampering your property in your absence. They are like your second eyes that you can use to manage and optimize productivity when you were not there.

Looking for Emergency CCTV Services.

Apart from installing and repairing, we also offer emergency call-out service for every security CCTV system we install.

We Provide CCTV Installation and replacement:

We offer complete installation of CCTV cameras along with its repair services with certain quality standards. We also provide a complete replacement in case of the damaged or broken system.

Interesting Facts about CCTV cameras:

  • The First CCTV camera was installed in Germany.
  • There are over 4 million camera’s in the UK
  • Around 25 million surveillance cameras are operating in the world.

Although the security cameras will not deter criminals, they can at least give you evidence about the crime. With our high-class CCTV camera’s you will get 24/7 security to safeguard your possessions from intruders. Just drop us a call, and we will be there to protect your commercial places with our advanced security system and locksmith services.


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